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Who built this website?

  • This knowledge base for Covid-19 information is led by Emil Skandul.
  • It was designed by him and developed by his team at Capitol Foundry.
  • A contributing team of professionals and healthcare experts has been assembled to launch, maintain, and partner on this website.

Capitol Foundry is global creative technology firm based in New York City and Lisbon that partners with high-growth brands to lead digital product innovation. Our team’s area of expertise includes designing healthcare technology including web apps, mobile apps, knowledge bases, websites, and data dashboards.

Through the years we have worked with Silicon Valley investors to build a telehealth platform, Stanford University researchers and doctors to develop a health recommendation platform based on consumer genomic data, Johns Hopkins University physicians to provide data dashboards, and a global healthcare nonprofit to build knowledge base web and mobile applications for nephrologists. We are currently helping to launch a healthcare venture capital firm.

Why did we build this site?

We built this website and the team around it because of the information gap that has existed in the ongoing pandemic. Information has been scattered on various government websites that are hard to navigate. Simple questions about symptoms, treatment, and emergency contact information were previously difficult to find answers to. There is no one-stop lookup that gathers the most critical information from all of the public health authorities for New Yorkers. We wanted to give back in an impactful way, using our knowledge and expertise in designing healthcare knowledge bases.

How is this website information accurate?

The information found on this knowledge base has been sourced from WHO, CDC, NYS Department of Health and NYC Department of Health websites and guidelines. We are not putting any information that we have produced ourselves on this website. All content that is provided on this website has and will continued to be reviewed by healthcare professionals, physicians and emergency public health experts.

If you like to review, comment, and suggest content or features for this knowledge base please request access to our content document. Only credentialed physicians or experts will be given commenting access.

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Who is funding this?

This website is currently being self-funded by Emil Skandul as a pro bono project of Capitol Foundry. There is no expectation of profit. As we determine the need and potential for this to develop further, we may continue to build a team to develop additional needs for this knowledge base.

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Our team
  • Emil Skandul
  • Capitol Foundry
  • Laura Montross, communications
  • David Guilfoyle, platform architect
  • Andy Morris, design and product
  • Max Ringelheim, strategy and outreach
  • Ryan Brack, communications
  • Ted Anastasiou, legal
Our partners: Physicians and healthcare experts
  • Chuck Perry, MD
  • Julia Rozman
  • Whitecoat Ventures
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